3 Of The Best Genesis Child Themes

The Genesis framework is all the rage these days. It’s easily the most popular wordpress theme framework on the marketplace today.

What really makes Genesis different from any other premium wordpress theme are the child themes available for it. Child themes are what gives your site or blog it’s unique look.

There are tons of paid child themes and even some free ones as well. Each child theme is different it’s own way, and there are some great styles to choose from.

I recently read this post about the best Genesis themes, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

eleven40 Pro Theme

Stylish, clean theme that can be used with a wide variety of sites. It’s fully mobile responsive, and supports 6 layout options and 4 different color styles.


Focus Theme

Focus theme is a really clean theme that really brings into focus the content of your blog. It’s a super clean theme that your readers will love. It comes with 3 color styles and 6 different layout options. It looks great on mobile devices too!



This is a very balanced Genesis child theme, that’s perfect for any travel blog. The use of whitespace really higlights your photos and text.


Final Thoughts

What do you think about my choices for best Genesis child theme? These are pretty cool right? If you’re going to go with Genesis as your theme of choice, then make sure you browse the available child themes and pick the right one for your site. It really makes a big difference.

3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Efforts

There’s one topic in the IM world that’s always effective, yet a bit underrated. No, it’s not SEO and it’s not social media marketing. It’s actually email marketing.

Sure, Facebook and Google+ get all the buzz, but email marketing is a lot more reliable. Especially if you build up your list the right away and establish a nice relationship with your list.

Here’s are 3 tips to help your email marketing efforts.

Build a separate subscriber page

Of course you should have an opt-in form on your site, like on your sidebar or below each post. A plugin like Hybrid Connect can really help with that.

However, the most effective place to get subscribers on your blog is from a dedicated subscribe page. As a separate page, you get a lot more space to write about why people should join your list and what are the benefits to doing so. It also helps to add some compelling bullet points as well.

Always send useful content in your newsletter

No one likes to be spammed by a list they just subscribed to. So always send entertaining and compelling content when you mail out your list.

If you don’t know what to write, try including a story with every email. This is a great way to establish engagement with your readers.

Email Your List Daily

This is really hard to do, but once you make this a habit, it can be really effective. Studies have shown that emailing daily will actually make your unsubscribes go down. Of course, that’s only if you are sending out great content that people want to read every day.

Final thoughts

Ready to get started with your email marketing? Then follow these tips and make sure you’re using one of the best autoresponders like AWeber, GetResponse or Infusionsoft. It really makes a big difference.