Brad Pitt – Cleaning Up Poop – Business As Usual

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Brad Pitt cleaning up at the Oscar’s and cleaning up at home.  Congrats to Brad for his Oscar and for being a normal guy too …

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Brad Pitt Says He ‘Cleaned Dog Poop’ Before the Oscars
AceShowbiz, on Mon, 03 Mar 2014 00:48:45 -0800

Speaking to reporters at the backstage, Pitt shared that he had to clean up his bedroom that morning. “I cleaned up dog poop today,” he said of how he prepared for the event, as quoted by New York Daily News. The actor/producer then went on talking






Welcome To Celebrities With Pets

Welcome to  Celebrities With Pets  Americans love their pets.  With a passion.  A quick study of the amount of money spent in the United States feeding, grooming and playing with pets produces some staggering numbers.

Celebrities with Pets

Several studies were reported in major newspapers in 2011 such as the Denver Post that claimed Americans spent over $50 billion dollars a year on their pets.

Love of pets and the willingness to have so many and shell out big bucks on their behalf makes the Western world pretty unique.  It’s considered a First World problem when you consider your budget and try to figure out where you’re going to get the $15 to get Fido his monthly grooming at the pet salon.

Many sociologists have commented on the fact that the high degree of safety, prosperity and security that is seen in American culture has led to development of societal characteristics that are unique.  Two of the most prominent such characteristics are Americans devotion to sports and their pets.  And Americans prove their devotion by spending untold billions of dollars every year on both.

A third prominent societal characteristic that has developed is a fascination with the lives of celebrities.  An entire entertainment industry is now thriving that does almost nothing but report on what celebrities are doing in their private lives, away from the screen, the stage or the studio.

So naturally, these three strands of American life will intertwine and interact.  It stands to reason that if Americans are fascinated with sports, their pets and with the private lives of celebrities, the issue of which sports teams celebrities root for, and what pets they have and how they treat them will also be of great interest to many Americans.

Many of America’s celebrities are just like ordinary pet owners: when asked about their pets they open up and talk enthusiastically about their love for their pets.

Actress and political activist Ashley Judd has a ‘comfort dog’ that she takes with her everywhere named Shug that helps her cope with occasional bouts of depression.  This makes the point that pets can also have a positive, healthy affect on their owners.

Since many celebrities are rich, famous and successful, this means they have more money to lavish on their pets, and so some of the media love to focus on outlandish examples of this, like air conditioned dog houses discovered at the PTL complex when Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker were exposed by a huge financial scandal.

Taken as just another sign of wretched American excess, the stories about the pampered pets of the rich and famous make for great entertainment reading.  The fluffy indifferent Persian cat that gets whisked to an upscale pet salon by limousine, for instance.   Or the tiny yapping poodle that never shuts up that gets taken out to a ‘pet restaurant and hotel’ for a full course meal.   Yes, these things happen.

Like the over $300 billion dollars Americans give to charity each year, their spending on their pets is a sign of a vibrant, secure economy.  Sure things have experienced a downward turn for awhile, but when people are still spending $50 billion a year on their pets, how bad can things be?

Celebrities with dogs certainly see no reason to stop lavishing love on their pets.   And they don’t care who knows it! Celebrities with dogs love posing for pictures with their beloved dogs, cats, horses and other kinds of animals.  They’ll also spend their time and money helping abused/neglected animals, posing for pictures at animal shelters and zoos.

Because they love their own pets so much, nothing tugs the heartstrings of a famous celebrity like hearing about neglected/abused animals, which is why the past few years we’ve seen so many commercials about new animal shelters and initiatives to end animal abuse where a famous celebrity will ask for donations.  While some claim this shows misplaced priorities in seeming to care more about animals than people, it must be remembered celebrities also give a good amount of their time to things like children’s hospitals and other charities that help people.

It actually speaks well of America that as a country it has such a great big heart it has so much love to lavish on its pets.  Despite some media portrayals of the USA as a country devoted to greed and hedonism, the truth is Americans work hard and sacrifice a lot so they can enjoy the good life.  And for many Americans a devoted pet to love and care for a is a big part of that good life.

Celebrities are no different; though it is true their greater financial freedom does lead many of them to trend toward the exotic in their pets.  Instead of opting for the usual kind of dog or cat, some show off extravagantly expensive animals, such as a $3,000 spider monkey, or a white lion cub, which could be yours for only $138,000 and a pile of paperwork longer than your leg.  You could also get a mixed Cheetah/cat breed for around $15,000, but good luck catching it if the little guy decides to run away from you.

Since many people are fascinated with the lives of celebrities and want to know every single little detail about where, say, Brad and Angelina shop for their food, where their kids go to school, what they wore to the Oscars, etc., it’s no surprise they want the lowdown on the pets too.

So there is numerous information on the internet devoted to nothing but pictures and stories about celebrities with dogs.  And this is nothing short of awesome.  What’s more exciting than realizing that hot actress you like on that popular TV show has the same kind of dog you do, and is  seen proudly showing off her pet in various pictures?

This helps underscore the fact that while celebrities may live more glamorous lives, when it comes right down to it, they’re just like us!  They drop off kids at school, visit the doctor, and every day they got to feed the dog!

So, welcome to Celebrities With Pets.  Let the news, posts, articles, pictures and videos of our favorite celebrity pets begin!